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Executive Summary
General Company Description
Market Analysis Summary
Management and Organization
Financial Plan

Role and Purpose of a Customs Broker
Preparing for the Customs Broker License Exam
Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
Importer Security Filing/10+2
Entry Process
Automated Brokerage Interface
Automated Commercial System
Sample Import/Export Frequently Used Documents


Customs Broker Experts, LLC is a certified woman-owned customs broker firm located in Chicago, IL. The company has been set up as an LLC company by the owner and licensed customs broker, A. The company’s goal is to become the preferred customs broker in the Chicagoland area, increasing profitability upward of 15% annually. Customs Broker Experts will process entry clearance of merchandise being imported through all major U.S. ports and comply with U.S. Customs clearance procedures, laws and regulations. The company will provide the services and filing procedures to customers so they spend less time pouring over paperwork, and more time concentrating on their business. A, an experienced Supply Chain professional, will manage and operate the company as the licensed broker and general manager. With over ten years of import experience managing substantial volume from Mexico, Germany, China, and more recently Canada, A has the knowledge, commitment, and experience to lead a successful customs brokerage organization.


Customs Broker Experts, LLC offers customs clearance expertise to those in the business of importing goods from all over the world. The organization offers importers its thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of the United States Customs Border Patrol to ensure goods are in compliance and abide by government regulations. The company will process all customs-required documentation, declare the value of the merchandise, classify the merchandise, rate and pay all applicable duties on behalf of the importer prior to releasing the goods to the customer. The company has secured a two-year contract with ABC Imports, LLC and will act as the customs broker for the company for said period of time. Contract renewal will take place 18 months into the contract. ABC Imports handles merchandise shipping from Mexico, Germany, and China. Based on forecasted projections, Customs Broker Experts will generate a profit by the end of the first year with a 15% increase the second year. The projected imports are expected to vary throughout the year with May through September serving as peak season. During peak season, the company projects to import about 800 trucks and railcars a month from Mexico through the port of Laredo, Texas; Eagle Pass, Texas; and Nogales, AZ. During off season, the company projects to clear approximately 575 shipments.


Customs Broker Experts will provide prompt personalized service acting as an agent between the shipper and US Customs and other government agencies. It will be our job to be sure that the importer of record is in compliance with all Federal and State laws. All customs brokerage firms are required to have a Power of Attorney on file prior to transacting any Customs business on the behalf of the importer of record. This instrument allows the broker to transact Customs business only. The document indicates the US tax reporting number, and specifies if the importer is a corporation, partnership, sole proprietor or an individual.

The following is a list of commodities the company will manage, to name a few: • Artifacts
• Furniture
• Household Goods
• Manufactured Goods
• Perishables
There is virtually no commodity Customs Broker...
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