Customs and Courtesis

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To me I believe that Customs and Courtesies are one of the main fundamentals of military life custom and curtsies are the glue that holds the United States Armed Forces together. Customs and Courtesies dates back to the inception of the military service, and are one of the defining features of a professional within that service the idea that at any point in time that they can be lapsed, forgotten about is ludicrous; it would undermine spirit de corps. First I will attempt to define what is customs and curtsies second show its history , thirdly by showing good customs and courtesies it facilitate good order and discipline in the Armed Forces ., for without customs and courtesies we would have chaos and be ineffective as an Armed Force. I define custom and Courtesies pertaining to the Armed Forces is as a way of acting in a particular manner over a long period of time that has come like law (a way of life), it’s vital for the maintenance of discipline. A courtesy is a form of polite behavior and excellence manners. For example on such Courtesy is the Hand Salute the salute is a symbol of respect and a sign of comradeship among service personnel. The salute is simple and dignified; but, there is great significance in that gesture. It is a time-honored demonstration of courtesy among all military personnel that expresses mutual respect and Pride, Another custom and courtesy is Rendering Honor to the flag, the flag of the United States is the symbol of our nation. The union, white stars on a field of blue, is the honor point of the flag. The union of the flag and the flag itself, when in company with other flags, are always given the honor position, which is on the right. When the flag is being raised in the morning, you should stand at attention on the first note of "Reveille" and salute. In the evening "Retreat" is played prior to "To the Colors." (""Colors" refer to the flag of the United States and can also include the unit flag)....
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