Customs Administration as a Degree Program in Higher Education Institutions in Batangas City: an Assessment

Topics: Higher education, High school, Education Pages: 33 (8201 words) Published: February 27, 2013

Albay, Austria, Bautro, Deguit & de Mesa
Students of College of Business Administration
Lyceum of the Philippines University
Capitol Site, Batangas City


This study primarily aims to know the enrolment trend in Customs Administrations as a degree program among the three Higher Education Institutions in Batangas City. The objectives of this study were to find out the enrolment of the concerned schools in Customs Administration for the past three years, to determine comparatively if the enrolment is increasing or decreasing in each of the institutions, namely: Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas, Batangas State University and Westmead International School, to identify the factors affecting the enrolment of Customs Administration program as perceived by each institutions, to ascertain if there is a significant difference on the factors affecting the enrolment when grouped according to institution and to propose an action plan to enhance the marketing program of each institution in order to make the program viable. The present study used both documentary research and library technique. A self-made questionnaire was used as the main basis in the conduct of the study with 150 Customs Administration students from schools concerned. Thus, study brought about relevant factors concerning the trend of enrolment in schools concerned. There is a significant difference between the factors that affects the enrolment of the institutions. Based on the result of the study, a proposed action plan to enhance the enrolment performance of customs administration students as inputs to curriculum enrichment of the institutions is offered.

Keywords: Customs Administration, Enrolment Trend, Factors Affecting

1. Introduction

About 1, 250 institutions provide higher education in the Philippines: 98 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs); 105 CHED-supervised institutions; 35 local universities and colleges; 14 other government schools; 1, 030 core of the entire Philippine education system. It is responsible for the development of high level professions that could provide leadership for the nation. Likewise, higher education should be used to harness the productive capacity of the country’s human resource base towards international competitiveness (CHED, 1996).

Evidently, with increasing number of higher education institutions and expanding enrolments, the challenge of globalization to the education sector is upon its amidst and is there to stay. Hence, it is imperative for the national government to rationalize functions and objectives of higher education in the Philippines. Today, HEI has three main functions in the following education endeavor: (1) instruction, (2) research, and (3) extension (CHED, 1996).

In view of the fluctuating rates of enrollees in Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration (BSCA) as a degree program in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Batangas City, the researchers find it fitting to know the reason behind this. Is it because these students foresee the demand for Customs Brokers in coming years? There are still many reasons for the trend in enrolment of aspiring Customs Brokers as well as the population growth in those schools and this is what the researchers are going to record through interviews, gathering of facts and even going through school records.

The group decided to pursue this study to know the current enrolment trend of BSCA program and the viability of this program as perceived by each of the institutions for future use.

Objectives of the Study

This study aims to assess the enrolment trend of Customs Administration as a degree program in Higher Education Institutions in Batangas City.

More specifically, it aims to answer the following objectives: Present the comparative enrolment in each of the institutions,...
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