Customizeed Learning Theory

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Customized Learning Theory: Student Centered learning a Cognitivist’s View

Liberty University

Education 500

Professor Gorman

September 30, 2012


This paper examines theories of teaching that can be used by effective teachers to provide instruction to a variety of learners. This learning theory attempts to engage all forms of learners by speaking to each student individually and what better way to do that than to have the students learn from each other along with some using the student centered learning model. A variety of teaching concepts have been combined to construct a comprehensive format for instruction. .

Customized Learning Theory:


It has been stated that all people are created equally; this does not hold true in the case of learning. All students are actually created individually. All students have their own significant ways of processing information that is unlike any other. People best relate learning to personal experiences and since all students’ experiences in life are different so are their perceptions of a subject. Unfortunately, it is impossible to have an individual teacher for each student. This leaves teachers with the task of reaching all students on a personal level while still staying within the time constraints of a lesson plan. This can be a difficult task to accomplish but, not impossible using the student centered classroom model.

The best idea for accommodating a variety of different students is to allow them to learn from one another. This way all students are socialized to the others’ experiences at some point they all are thinking on the same level. The experiences that one student has had in life has been share with the others so they are then able to conceptualize the subject matter as if they have lived it themselves. In this form of teachers face the obstacle of stepping away from the conventional role of teacher and become a facilitator. Now although this form of dialog may hold well for some students, what happens to the shy standoff is student who does not have the courage to participate in group conversation? That student may be learning and even have some great ideas to add but lacks the confidence to speak out. This student still has the opportunity to show their understanding through tests and essay assignments.

Learning Theory
Learning theory is the perception of how people learn and the process by which the information is internalized so it can be understood. Everyone has a different process of understanding information. The different ideas of what those processes are is learning theory. Learning theory is important as it informs of the best possible route of instruction so that understanding and retention are achieved. Without the perception of learning theory, there would be no way of making learning meaningful, which is the only way to achieve retention. Teachers need to have the ability to reach the entire class; through efficient understanding of learning theory the needs of the class population can be met. The teacher should then take this knowledge and apply it to how the instruction is delivered. This means they should mix different elements of the instruction on a topic so that all students have an equal opportunity to understand. 

Effective Teaching

An effective teacher is one that is intentional. Intentional teachers set goal followed by plans of action to follow through to get students in engaged in the process of learning. An effective teacher’s goal is not to stand in front of a class in lecture but to get students involved in the learning process so they learn from each other. Effective teachers have the ability to step away from the traditional role of instruction and act as a facilitator in the learning process to guide student in to a way of thinking and discussing interesting topics in such a way that meaning and understanding is developed. The ability to...
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