Customers Satisfaction on Internet Banking Services in Pakistan

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Customers Satisfaction On Internet Banking Services In Pakistan Introduction
Technological innovations are having significant importance in human general and professional life. This era can safely be attributed as technology revolution. The quick expansion of information technology has imbibed into the lives of millions of people. Online banking is also one of the technologies which are fastest growing banking practices nowadays. It is vital to extend this new banking feature to clients for maximizing the advantages for both clients and service providers.

In this study the customer satisfaction on online banking in Pakistan is evaluated. Adoption of online banking is increasing day by day because by dint of it, they can save their crucial time and accelerate operations to the convenience of both customers and service providers. Still there are many expectation by these customers. Research Question:

What are internet users perspectives on Internet banking, and their expectations and customers satisfaction on Internet banking services.

Objective of the Study:
The objective of this study is to explore that customers satisfaction on online banking. And it can be affected by users perspectives on Internet banking, and their expectations in Pakistan. In this study In this research “Sampling” has been used. This method is used to make research procedure faster by obtaining a large number of accomplished questionnaires rapidly and efficiently.

Variables and Their Definitions:
Dependent Variable:
Customer’s Satisfaction:
Online banking service allows customers to manage their accounts from any...
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