Customers Perception About Meena Bazaar

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In a retail environment, a super shop is a large retailer who stocks and sells a wide variety of merchandise including groceries, clothing and general supplies, or a large store that sells a massive quantity of goods in one product line such as electronics or shoes. A super shop is also referred to as a super center or megastore. Super shops contain a number of brands in every product category, so that customers can choose from a wide range. However, there are three downsides of this strategy 1. Total inventory cost is very high

2. Sometimes customers get bewildered with the bedazzling array of choices 3. Every super shop follows the same approach.

Background of the study:
In 2002, GEMCON GROUP opened the first outlet of Meena Bazaar retail chain, the new face of supermarkets in Bangladesh.

Objectives of this study:

The study has been carried out with following objective-

➢ To know about the customer perception about Meena Bazaar. ➢ Customer attitude towards Meena Bazaar service system. ➢ To identify customer’s satisfaction with Meena Bazaar. ➢ To identify customers dissatisfaction with Meena Bazaar. ➢ To make recommendation to the problem faced by Meena Bazaar.

Limitations of the study:

Following are the main limitation of the study-

➢ It was difficult to collect information from various customers for their unfriendly behavior. ➢ It was very difficult to collect information from various personnel for job constrains. ➢ Because of the limitation of information some assumption was made. So there may be some lacking. ➢ Insufficient of time.

➢ Not easy access to the organization.
Methodology of this study:

It is an assignment on ‘Customer perception toward super shop in Dhaka city: A case study on Meena Bazaar’. In order to accomplish the aforesaid objective, data have been collected from the Meena Bazaar. Basically the methodology of this assignment is observational.

Sample size

For our Survey we select one super shop to making our assignment

Meena Bazaar

Sample frame-

Customer = 10


Total = 10

Data collection:

Information used in this report collected from both primary and secondary sources. Apart from this we can use the different articles, annual report and internet. Our visiting super shop (Meena Bazaar) and customer of the shop also help us to collect specific data and information.

Data analysis technique:

After collecting the data then we analyzed the collected data research about Customer perception toward Meena Bazaar. We use table for analyzing the data.

Surveys are useful for getting a great deal of specific information. Surveys can contain open – ended question. Open-ended question have the advantage that respondent is not to the options listed, and that the respondent is not being influenced by seeing a list of response.

We include the survey question, customer – perception, satisfaction & dissatisfaction level remark in this part.

Customer’s questionnaire

Question no. 1 --- Excellent food quality

|Variable |Frequency |In % | |Strongly Agree |3 |30% | |Medium Agree |4 |40% | |Agree |3 |30% | |Not Agree Nor Disagree | | | |Disagree...
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