Customers for Life by Carl Sew

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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"Customers for Life"
Carl Sewell's book "Customers for Life" is devoted to teaching the businessperson of today ways in which they can turn one-time buyers into customers for life. He states that every customer has the ability to be worth 332,000 dollars to your business if you can keep them for life. Mr. Sewell is the number selling luxury automobile dealer in the country. He started from the bottom and manipulated his automobile business into a 250,000,000-dollar business. In his book he explains the things that he has found to work for his business in great detail so that you may also apply them to your business. The entire book revolves around these 10 commandments to customer service: The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

1. Bring ‘em back alive. Ask customers what they want and give it to them again and again. Do not try and guess what the customers want, just ask them. They are more than willing to tell you. You should make it easy for the customer to tell you what they want by giving them a short questionnaire. Most importantly, you do not want to pester the customer; if you bother the customer, they are not going to be happy. 2 Systems, not smiles. Saying please and thank you does not ensure you'll do the job right the first time, every time. Only systems guarantee that. There are two major components of a system. The first being to do the job right the first time and the second one is having a plan in place to deal with things when they go wrong. Being nice to the customers is only 20% of providing good customer service, the other 80% of good customer service is providing the customer with what they need and want. 3. Underpromise, overdeliver. Customers expect you to keep your word, but rather than merely keep it, exceed it. You never want to charge the customer more than the estimate. To ensure that this will happen, build yourself a cushion so that you will be able to deliver the goods at a lower cost if possible. This...
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