Customer Types

Topics: Travel, Traveler, Household income in the United States Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Customer Types
Tanya Myers
HTT 200
March 22nd, 2013
Karen Stevens

Customer Types
According to the AH&LA website the typical lodging customer in 2011 stayed 40 % for business and 60 % for leisure. The typical lodging customer in a business room is a male, age 35 to 54 years old. The typical lodging customer is employed in a professional or managerial position with an average annual income of $119,388. They usually stay by themselves, make reservations ahead of time and pay $129.00 per night for the room. 40% of the business travelers spend one night, 22% spend 2 nights and 38% spend 3 or more nights in a hotel. The typical lodging customer in a leisure room is usually 2 adults ages 35 to 54, with an average annual income of $89,736. They usually are auto travelers and also make their reservation ahead of time; they pay $109.00 per night for the room. 47% of the leisure travelers spend 1 night, 27 % spend 2 nights and 26% spend 3 or more nights in a hotel (The American Hotel and Lodging Association, 2013). 3 different lodging types would be Executive Conference Centers, Health Spa’s and Resorts. I feel that business travelers would stay the most in the Executive Conference Centers; this is because they offer both small meeting rooms and classrooms. Meals and recreation facility use are often included in the room rate this would be very convenient for a business traveler to have everything they need handy under one roof. The traveler looking for relaxation, stress management, or to pamper themselves would love to visit a health spa. The health spa often includes mineral baths, fitness facilities and massage therapists. The baby boomers are usually the one’s that love to go to this type of lodging. When I picture a resort I think of destination type lodging such as Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean. The type of traveler that would go to these would be one looking for tons of amenities, including lots of food with fine dining. Some cities are desirable for...
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