Customer Service Management Chapter 1 Questions

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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1.) An enterprise has to treat customers differently and individually because each customer is different and unique. Each customer has different needs and preference. Some customer wants to be loyal to the enterprise and some are not. The enterprise will have an idea how to treat each customer if they are able to see a customer one at a time. Technologies are now a tool to store data’s and information of each customer. Through this strategy, they will know how to get, keep and grow a customer.

2.) Some companies just want to acquire more customers than keeping the ones they have because in an old traditional marketing strategies (e.g. Four Ps), enterprise behave toward all the customers within aggregate market. Those companies that were using the traditional strategies invested on high cost advertisement and marketing tactics just to get new customers all the time. They think that by acquiring lots of customers can boost the sales and profits because of the idea of, “whatever A wants, must be also want by the rest of 1000 and more customer”, but they did not know that some of those acquired customer might not become a loyal customer in a long run. If they would focus in the customer they already have and keeping them satisfied with the product and services; it would bring more profits for having loyal customers

4.) Although enterprises had been using traditional marketing strategies such as Four P’s, traditional advertising and branding for decades, yet this strategies are becoming extinct in this Interactive age. Before companies were focused on winning market share and new customers, but todays companies are more focusing on customer share, and increasing their business with each customer. The companies now are more focusing in customer retention, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction rather than aggregating the market. According to Mr. Kotler, as Interactive Age progress, mass marketing must give way to new principles for targeting,...
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