Customer Service Concerns

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Customer Service Concerns

Richette Galiotte

GEB3213 Advanced Communication in Business

Professor Smith

February 15, 2013

Abstract Page

During my research of the General Mills Corporation regarding its methods in handling its customers, I notice several similarities between their practice and what was cover in the book that was assigned to us for this semester. They have a simple plan to keep their loyal customers but they have teamed up with companies like Microsoft 7 and Razor to create applications program that would allow them to enter new forms of multi channel communications to attract new customers, with programs like Betty Crocker Kitchen Assistants program and even different blogs. General Mills knows that some business problems are harder to fix than others. But very few problems can be as frustrating and difficult to address as an unhappy customer. That's because there's no single way to "fix" a broken customer relationship. So, every situation and every customer is treated different. Success depends on your ability to listen, adapt, evolve, and rise to the challenge. Yet General Mills has these important techniques into their training program that they believe every business can use to win back unhappy or dissatisfied customers. To put these methods to work and they feel you'll have the tools you needed to turn even the most ardent critic into a loyal -- and vocal -- repeat customer. This seems obvious, but they know that sometimes their employees neglect to ask one vitally important question: "What happened?" So a hot line was established along with the different web sites that would allow their customers to contact them in one form or another. They have trained their employees not to open the conversation with an apology, mostly because you won't know what you would be apologizing for, and besides that often come across as insincere anyway. Instead, you are taught to open the...
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