Customer Service at the Roccoco New York Hotel

Topics: Management, Complaint, Service of process Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: July 29, 2011
This case involves a dissatisfied customer of The Roccoco New York Hotel who received the service failure when she stayed in the hotel. The case demonstrates that there were four main areas where the hotel failed to meet the expectations and satisfaction of the customer and that includes internal managerial quality and the failure to manage the service failure after complaints were received. Overall The Roccoco New York Hotel failed in following fields: Failure of Internal managerial quality

* The hotel was failed to meet the consumer expectations since it provided the wrong bed and room to the consumer. (King bed & non smoking/ Two beds & smoking smell) * The hotel did not do well on the time control in terms of the delivery of luggage & meals. * The hotel was failed on staff training for late check in for consumers. The failure to manage the service failure

* Delayed for the meal delivery, but did nothing on the compensations. * The service attitude was not appropriate after receiving complaints. Possible solutions
Solution 1 Retraining staff
The staffs need more training on crisis management and servicing consumers. The staff should be patient, and have the listening skill to response the complaints in the right way. Moreover, time management is also an essential issue to the hotel. The hotel should make a regulation of the SOP (Standard Operation Process) to improve the time of delivery luggage. Solution 2- Interactional justice

The Roccoco New York Hotel needs to develop more interactional relationship between the staff and the consumer to avoid discontent that occurred from offering the wrong type of room. The staff should explain the reason of failure and delivery the right room key personally to the consumer rather than asking the consumer came to the front desk. Also, they need to explain the reason of wrong room and luggage delivery delay to...
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