Customer Service and Query

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  • Published : April 11, 2012
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Shelly Cashman access 2010
Chapter 2: Lab 1
Querying the eco clothesline database
Save a database with a new filename
Create a query in Design view
Use text criteria in a query
Use comparison operators in a query
Use wildcards in a query
Sort data in a query
Omit duplicates from a query
Create and run a parameter query
Create a top-values query
Join tables in a query
Sort a query on multiple fields in Design view
Change join properties
Add a calculated field to a query
Create a caption for a field
Use an aggregate function in a query
Use the Group By operator in a query
Create a Crosstab query
Project overview
The management of ECO Clothesline has determined a number of questions it wants the database management system to answer. You must obtain answers to the questions posed by management. STUDENT start FILE

SC_Access2010_C2_L1a_FirstLastName_1.accdb (Note: Download your personalized start file from

1. Open the file SC_Access2010_C2_L1a_FirstLastName_1.accdb and save the file as SC_Access2010_C2_L1a_FirstLastName _2.accdb by clicking the "Save Database As" command in Backstage view. (Note: Verify that your name appears in the first record in the _SAMProjects table before you begin. If it does not, then please download a new copy of the start file from the SAM Web site.)

2. Create a query for the Customer table that includes the Customer Number, Customer Name, Amount Paid, and Sales Rep Number fields in the design grid for all customers where the sales rep number is 49. Save the query as Lab 2-1 Query 1. (See figure below)

3. Create a query for the Customer table that includes the Customer Number, Customer Name, and Amount Paid fields for all Customers located in VA...
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