Customer Service and Expansive Item Line

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June 22, 2000 Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. Open for Business--site begins by offering music, travel, merchandise and gifts, car-related services, and photos On Saturday, July 1, will begin the first stage of its full-fledged development of Japanese-styled e-commerce operations by opening its Internet site (URL: was established on February 1, 2000 as a joint venture by Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., NEC Corporation, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), Sony Corp., Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Japan Travel Bureau, Inc. (JTB), and KINOTROPE, INC. By combining their content, information, technical resources and infrastructure and know-how of the capital participants and business partners, is aiming to develop a new type of e-commerce. As the first step in that process, is opening its Internet Web site, offering sales and referral services for approximately 100,000 items in the areas of music, travel, merchandise and gifts, car-related services, and photos. In its business, will use the infrastructure of Seven-Eleven Japan, including its information and distribution networks. Customers will be able to use the network of more than 8,200 stores to pick up and pay for their purchases on a 24-hour basis (credit card payments and reliable pay-on-delivery and home delivery courier services are also available). Also, by enlisting the services of multiple contents providers as well as those of the joint venture companies to provide a wide-range of goods and services, the Web site is structured to make it easy to do comparative shopping and to buy related goods. It is a convenient and enjoyable one-stop shopping service. will also open its mobile phone format site, (URL: at the same time, and carry out a variety of promotions for the two sites. In the future, the company will aim to strengthen the appeal of its sites by linking up different access channels, such as game consoles and digital broadcasts, and by reinforcing its promotional mix, which comprises various channels and media. Based on a cooperative organization with the joint venture companies, will expand its content. In the fall, it will add game software sales as well as information services on education courses through cooperation with Zenken Corporation, Opt Japan, Inc., JMA Management Center Inc., PA Co., Ltd., Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, and Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Moreover, will begin developing new services using "Dream Navi"(temporary name), the multimedia terminal being installed in all 7-Eleven stores during the period from fall 2000 to spring 2001. The services will include ticket sales, music download sales, digital prints, and others. Through these measures, will aim to expand its e-commerce business by providing even more convenient services for customers and enjoyable digital services. Cooperating with the business of the Internet site being developed and run by,

Seven-Eleven Japan will create new sales and promotion schemes that link up with its stores and different channels and media, in addition to the ordering, payment acceptance, and delivery services. Through the services of, Seven-Eleven Japan will meet the interest in and demand for Internet services. In addition, Seven-Eleven Japan will use these services to increase the popularity of its stores, achieve synergies between regular and Internet sales, promote greater store loyalty, and strengthen our customer base and store organization. Seven-Eleven Japan believes that this business scheme is a highly convenient Internet shopping system. Consequently, we have applied for a patent on the business model. and Seven-Eleven Japan plan to expand their ties with a wide range of business partners that are leaders in their industries to develop...
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