Customer Service and Credit Appraisal System of One Bank Ltd.

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Customer service and credit appraisal procedure of



Mohsina Rahman 200110397

Northern University of Bangladesh.


Today, private commercial banks are facing a lot of competition in the Bangladeshi banking industry. Therefore the banks are emphasizing on the customer services in achieving their goal. And the most important task of a bank is to provide loan to such a customer who will recover the loan successfully. As a commercial bank works on other funds, it must take special care before following borrowers to have funds. All the steps taken by commercial banks at the time of allowing loans are known as “Credit Policies” of banks. These steps help the bankers to ensure security of invested funds, create hindrances for borrowers. On the other hand too liberal policy will increase insecurity of invested fund. For the preparation of this pre-internship report, we were grateful to our honorable “course teacher” Mr. Md. Touhidul Alam Professor of Financial Institution for completing our pre-internship program in “One Bank limited. Then we thank to the Vice President of “One Bank Limited” Mr. Md. Aftab Uddin Khan who allowed us to work at GULSHAN BRANCH office at 97- Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka. We are also grateful to all of the stuffs and members of the branch as for cooperating us to their possible extent. Lastly thanks to Safi for having us initial problem solving.

Good loan, credit or advance is the most profitable asset for a bank. The largest portion of the operating income is derived from lending. A commercial bank usually wins over its competitors only on the quality and quantity of lending. General banking provides the foundation of banker-customer relationship. This is the matter where the banks make competition with each other. The regular service given to customers such as depositing or drawing money, selling of instruments to the customers, collection of instruments, keep necessary reserve to serve the customers etc. And the bank needs to maintain customer satisfaction with these activities. Among these activities credit division is the core portion for any commercial bank. Most of the profits of a commercial bank come from credit. The more a bank will provide credit, loan or advance the more it can gain profit. Foreign trade refers to the trade between the different sovereign states. Foreign trade mainly categorizes into export trade and import trade. For development of the economy in a country foreign trade is important. Financial institution like bank can help the foreign trade of a country through financial accommodation to the foreign trade. The overall condition of “One bank limited” that of credit & advance, foreign exchange, deposit etc. are one of the best among the private commercial banks. And this study about the “One bank limited” will help us to the followings_ •To a practical know-how about the credit policy of the bank •To assess with the credit requirements

To analyze the financial instruments like lending risk analysis, financial statements and credit management •To get adopt with the real world banking situation
And the Officers of ONE Bank Limited are suitably equipped to meet customer expectations and are available at all times to provide a single-window customized and confidential service to each and every person. Overview of One Bank Limited:

ONE Bank Limited was incorporated in May 1999 With the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies under the Companies Act. 1994, as a commercial bank in the private sector. The Bank is pledge-bound to serve the customers and the community with utmost dedication. The prime focus is on efficiency, transparency, precision and motivation with the...
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