Customer Segmentation Study for Brazil Market

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One of the most largest and most populated cities in Brazil are Sau Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, etc. We should start targeting these major cities and try promote our innocent smoothies.

Sau Paulo 10,990,249
Rio de Janeiro 6,161,047
Salvador 2,948,733
Brasilia 2,557,158
Fortaleza 2,473,614

The age structure of Brazil under 0-14 years is 26.7% (male 27,092,880/ f males 26,062,244) and age 15-64 years is 66.8% and the age percentage of age 64 and above is 6.4%. We should target the age structure between 10-45 which are in majority and as our innocent smoothy drinks are made for both children and adults, this would be the perfect age structure to target for.

0-14 years = 26.7%
15-64 years = 66.8%
64 and above = 6.4%

The literacy rate of an adult in brazil is 88.6%. There are 107375 pre- primary schools, 159016 elementary schools, 24131 secondary schools, 1637 higher education and 1859 universities in Brazil. Early childhood from 0-6 years is under the responsibility of the municipalities , and primary education between sates and municipalities.We could aim our main targets (children) between the age of 6- 25 in schools, colleges, etc. We could promote our innocent smoothy drinks at schools and other places for cheap prices or of no price at all at the beginning when our business would need recognition. We could have different flavours with different kinds of fruits to attract children and make it a more healthier drink for them and as acai berry is high in nutritional value and it contains vitamin a, vitamin e, iron, calcium,etc which is required for a growing body. It also helps reducing weight which is a very important factor in today’s world where everyone wants to be fit and not fat.

Pre - primary schools= 107375
Elementary school= 159016
Secondary schools= 24131
Higher education= 1637
Universities= 1859

We could also promote our smoothies in hospitals and old age pensions to so that we could target the older population to as they would to require healthy and tasty drinks and keeping our smoothies in hospitals or in old age pensions could be a great idea, as acai berry has an anti- aging property in it which helps old people maintain there body and it. There are 62,483 hospitals in Brazil and the old age pensions begin at 65 years for men and 60 years for women.

In 2007 the agricultural population was an estimated 23.06 m with about 5.2 m farms in 2006.

Famous fruits in Brazil:

(2004) (2005) Apples 980,203 850,535 Bananas 6583,564 6703,400 Coconut 2076,226 2079,291 Cassava 23,926,553 25,872,015 Grapes 1291,382 1232,564 Oranges 18,313,717 17,853,443 Pineapples 1477,299 1528,313 Tomatoes 3515,567 3452,973

Brazil is the world's leading producer of sugarcane, oranges and coffee.


The national beverage in brazil is coffee and cachaca as their native liquor. Cachaca is distilled from sugar cane and is the main ingredient in the national cocktail. Our smoothies could be served in coffee shops in brazil or could be even mixed with the national cocktail cachaca and could add to an ingredient to it. We could promote our smoothies in coffee shops as coffee is very famous in brazil and could even mix it with the national cocktail and could make it much healthier and tastier then what it was.

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