Customer Satisfaction Towards Taman Awam Teluk Likas Kota Kinabalu

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In addition to the Perdana Park and Tun Fuad Stephens Park, another nice place to hang around and unwind your body and mind after a long and tiring day at the office is Taman Awam Teluk Likas, Likas Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Taman Awam Teluk Likas is located along Jalan Tun fuad Stephens or also known as the Coastal Highway. It is very near to Masjid Bandaraya (City Mosque) and Wisma Pertanian Likas. It was opened to the public some time last year, but before the renovation/beautification works, it was already quite a popular spot for picnics and gatherings. It used to be mere grassy land with fir trees, but now there are playground, parking spots, more trees and flowers, public washrooms, flag poles, etc. It is the annual spot for the Dragon Boat Festival and some other water sports. It is a nice place for a swim, or do some fishing or exercising, But there is no coast guard on duty at the beach. From there you can gaze upon the coasts of Kota Kinabalu, Yayasan Sabah building and the ships berthing. The crowd usually flocks in Taman Awam Teluk Likas in the late afternoon. If the traffic is clear, it would take only about 5 minutes-drive from KK city. Taman Awam Teluk Likas, also known as Likas Bay Park is located along Tun Fuad Stephen road stretching from near Tanjung Lipat to Likas bay. This is a seafront recreational park, officially opened to the public in December 2008. The Government spent about RM4mil to build the park which boasts of facilities such as children's playground, fitness station, nicely paved pedestrian pathway, plaza, gazebos (resting huts), public toilet and car parks. With the kind of facilities, participants of the popular Sabah Dragon Boat Race and spectators alike will expect better organizing and have more fun this year. Bird lovers would find this park a place to rest before going on foot to the nearby bird sanctuary. Likas bay is known to be resting place for migrating waders and other water birds. Picnickers usually throng this park on weekends and have, on one occasion seen a considerably large number of people taking dip at the beach in an apparently bad luck ridding ritual. Taman Awam Teluk Likas one of attraction place in Kota Kinabalu to customer and tourist but the condition of that place were not really satisfied when they visited there because to many rubbish near the beach.

Purpose Of Study
The Purpose of this study is to identify the customer satisfaction towards Taman Awam Teluk Likas as one of tourism attraction in Kota Kinabalu Sabah which is influence by the facility that provided, Awareness of the communities and Government and also the safety at there. Below is the list of research objective: 1.To identify the level of facility that provides at Taman Teluk Likas. 2.To determine the level of awareness related to rubbish problem at Taman Awam Teluk Likas. 3.To identify the level of safety at Taman Awam Teluk Likas.

Significant Of Study
The significant of this study are to helps in identifying the customer satisfaction towards Taman Awam Teluk Likas as one of tourism attraction in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. This study also could encourage people become more care about this issues in way to improved this place as tourism destination which should be considered.

Theoretical Underpinning

The relationship between dependent variable will attempt to be explained through theoretical underpinning. Customer satisfaction towards Taman Awam Teluk Likas is the dependant variable which the various variance attempt to be explained by three independent variable which is facilities that provide to customers, community awareness about the environment and the safety to customers at Taman Awam Teluk Likas that related to customer satisfaction. Facility is accommodation that...
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