Customer Satisfaction Towards Fastrack Watches

Topics: Student, Watch, Chennai Pages: 2 (253 words) Published: April 7, 2013
A study on brand preferences of fastack wrist watches with referance to college student at avadi
            *To study the students satisfaction on fastrack watches with special reference to college stuents at avadi
              *To study the features of the product
              *To find the students expectations form fastrack wrist watches
              *The study is restricted to Chennai location               *The study is restricted with 50 samples Scope:
              the study in carried out among the men/women between the age group of 10-40 the studt is about fastrack wrist watches, and not focused an luxury watch products.
1 Name
2 Age
    a)10-20  b)20-30 c)30-40 d)above40
3 Gender
    a)male b)female
4 How long have you been using fastrack?
    a)less then 1month  b)1-2month
    c)1-3 years  d)above 3years
5 How often do you use fastrack?
    a)regular  b)weekly once
    c)monthly once  d)occasionally
6 Will you recommend fastrack to other?
      a)definitely b)profanely
      c)not sure d)definitely not
7 Which type of working system impressed you more in fastrack?       a)analog b)digital
your optoin [] (write here)
      []not satisfied
      []no opinion
8 Which features influenced you to buy this brand?
    []price []design
    []brand []feature
9 Reason you wear a fastrack watch?
    []status symbol  []fashion []casual
    []for sports or other liming reasons
10 The kind of warranty you expect?
    []1yr []2yrs []3yrs
11 What kind of straps di you prefer?
    []leather []plastic []metal
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