Customer Satisfaction of Tvc Sky Shop

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Customer Satisfaction Of TVC Sky Shop In Banani

Introduction: Asian Sky Shop is a telemarketing pioneer in whole south Asian zone founded in April 1995. It is the first DRTV Company in India. Asian Sky Shop Ltd is a member of the Easel Group of Industries, headed by Sub hash Chandra Goal, as Chairman of the Group. In Bangladesh Asian Sky Shop Ltd launch their business in 2001 as a franchised business named TVC Sky Shop. They have 33 branches in Bangladesh and 4 branches is one the way to launch. Their main branch is situated in Green Road, Dhaka. In Bangladesh the way of telemarketing they use 8 TV Channels for advertising their products. Recently Asian Sky Shop has entered into a joint venture with a Hong Kong based company having diversified business interest and manufacturers for the Tele shopping industry worldwide, including for the US and European Markets. Asian Sky Shop use 200 reliable manufacturers to their exhaustive product range. They already introduced 500 Asian Sky Shop products in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and India. The topic of this report paper is “Problems and prospects of TVC sky shop” The main objective of this report is to find out some specific areas of problems and opportunities.” TVC is the pioneer of Tele shopping in whole south Asian zone. So, our main goal was to be familiar with the problems and prospects and then prepare an in-depth analysis of the gathered information from the selected sample to justify our hypothesis. The objective of our survey is to identify the background of the problem proclamation. Our problem proclamation can be laid out like this: Gathering information to determine whether there is a possible conflict between consumer’s preferences about TVC products in contrast to TVC ’s business strategies. Methodology: At first, our questionnaire sample was far too long and not that useful to yield needed information. But, we have refurbished it and constructed it in such a way that can be used both for...
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