Customer Satisfaction of Dialog Srilanka

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We do hereby declare that this project report is our own work and this is not a copy of another project report or document. Also we declare that this report has not been submitted for any other academic qualification at any institute.

Full Name| Admission number| Signature|
R.R.Samarasinghe| ADBM-F-102127| |
T.N.J. Perera| ADBM-F-102109| |
D.K.S. Jayasinghe| ADBM-F-102061| |
C.B. Kahaduwa| ADBM-F-102012| |
S. Ruwanpura| ADBM-F-102175| |
B.A.D.V.V.Nayananjana| ADBM-F-102096| |


We dedicate this report to our project supervisor Mrs. Kailashini Theranagama. Also we are very grateful to the support that she gave us throughout this project.


We take this moment to thank Mrs. Kilashini Theranagama for her kind support and direction given to us throughout the project.

Also we are much grateful to Duialog Coordinating officer Mrs. Nazran and Customer service manager Mrs. Sandra for the support and the information that they gave us in the meeting. Also to the guidelines that they provided us with the annual reports and other documents.

Also to our ADBM 10.2 batch for their support us in data collection.

Executive Summary

Sri Lankan telecommunication industry is fastly growing and there are number of Operators engaged in huge competition, also there are new comers coming into the Market. in recent past. Since the competition is increasing and market growth is reaching saturation in the operators prospective they need to sustain their customers at the same time attract others customers. In this study we have tried to evaluate the customer satisfaction level of Dialog users and provide solutions to overcome the issues. First we analyzed the industry of telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka by using statistical data of TRC SL and other references to get an idea about the industry. Then by doing a Literature review we studied about customer satisfaction and things we need to consider when doing this kind of survey. And also by arranging a meeting with Dialog we studied the company perception in this matter. After that we designed a questionnaire and collected the information which needed to evaluate the satisfaction level of customers. By analyzing the collected data we evaluated the customer satisfaction level in few different areas. As examples Network coverage, Call chargers, Value added services. And also we include a question about switching behavior and through that we tried to evaluate the no of users that going to change the mobile service provider.

Survey results show us that 69 percent of dialog customers are satisfied and it clearly shows the difference of the customer satisfaction in Colombo area and out of Colombo areas. Also we have come up with the recommendations which will help the company to give a better competitiveness in the industry of mobile telecommunication.

Table of Contents
Signature page1
Executive Summary4
List of figures and Tables8
Industry and company profile10
Industry profile10
Company profile12
Objectives of the project17
Literature review19
Selected segment of the market23
Residential area25
Data representation27
Data representation27
Connection type (Pre paid and post paid subscribers)27
Colombo or out of Colombo28
The things people consider when choosing a mobile service provider.31
Satisfaction level of customers32
Value added servicers36
Satisfaction level about network coverage38
Perception of the customers among prices of the Dialog40
Hidden chargers of the Dialog41
Dialog customer care41
Switching behavior of the customers42
Satisfaction level of company’s different kind of service elements44
Findings of the research46
Recommendations and conclusion48...
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