Customer Satisfaction of Brac Internet Banking

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American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)
Thesis Report On Customer Satisfaction of BRAC Bank internet Banking A Thesis Report Presented to the Faculty of Business Administration in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

Supervised By:
Dr. Nisar Ahmed Associate Professor & Director MBA Program Faculty of Business Administration

B y

S u p e r v i s e d

Submitted By:

Md. Mehedi Hasan Shuvo Id: 08-12358-3 Major: Accounting & Finance

Date of Submission: 08/08/2012

S u p e r v

Thesis Report On

Customer Satisfaction of BRAC Bank Internet Banking


Letter of Transmittal
8th August, 2012 Mr. Roomee Tareque Moudud Honorable Director, Office of Placement & Alumni American International University Bangladesh

Subject: Letter of transmittal

Dear Sir, It is a great pleasure for me that I got the opportunity to submit a business related report entitled “Customer Satisfaction of BRAC Bank Internet Banking” as a partial requirement of the Internship Program, a prerequisite for the completion of the BBA Course.

I have tried my level best to put meticulous effort for the preparation of this report. Any shortcomings or fault may arise as my unintentional mistakes. I will wholeheartedly welcome any clarification and suggestion about any view and conception disseminated through this report.

Thanking you Sincerely yours,

Md. Mehedi Hasan Shuvo ID: 08-12358-3 Major: Accounting and Finance Bachelor of Business Administration


Letter of Endorsement
The Thesis Report entitled “Customer Satisfaction of BRAC Bank internet Banking” has been submitted to the Office of Placement & Alumni, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Business Administration on 08th August, 2012 by Md. Mehedi Hasan Shuvo, Id # 08-12358-3. The report has been accepted and may be presented to the Internship Defense Committee for evaluation.

(Any opinions, suggestions made in this report are entirely that of the author of the report. The University does not condone nor reject any of these opinions or suggestions).

______________________ Dr. Nisar Ahmed Associate Professor & Director MBA Program Faculty of Business Administration (Internship Supervisor)


I have the pleasure to acknowledge the effort of the report and other personnel for supporting such a nice program, from which I have earned a wonderful experience of conducting research in Customer Satisfaction of BRAC Bank Internet Banking, which will help me a lot in future. I would like to thank my honorable supervisor Dr. Nisar Ahmed, Associate Professor & Director of MBA Program for providing proper guidance and help to complete the report. I feel proud of myself being one of his intern students. It is a great joy for anyone when the targeted tasks are done. I got this kind of flavor after completing this assignment. Because I think most of the time my works were in the right track. There are some other persons from my university and also from outside helped in this report in many ways. It would be much rigorous task to complete this without their guidance, comments, and inspirations. I would like to thank them all. I would like to give my grateful thank to Mrs. Arefa Akhter Nila, IT manager of BRAC Bank. I really like to give thanks Mr. Saiduzzaman, department of IT (AIUB) to help me a lot in technically. I would like to tip my hat to my family. Eventually I recognize the Almighty who has given me ability to take trouble and who made my live this life.


Executive Summary
After taking decision of doing thesis my first target was to do thesis in a modern topic so, I heartily tried to keep all the modern features in my report. In this report I overlooked at the BRAC Bank profile, their features etc. Then I have described what is the important of this topic and...
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