Customer Satisfaction of Aarong

Topics: Fashion, Fair trade, Fashion design Pages: 27 (7111 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Bangladesh is pioneer in garments industry because of its huge man power and low wage. But one thing was lacking in this industry and that was quality design. But now-a-days lot of fashion houses are developing in Bangladesh with a vision to quality design in dresses which is attracting customers from all walks of lives for every class and ages because of its creative design, simplicity and price. The fashion houses have become a name for contemporary fashion for the Bengali society.

Nowadays demand of dresses from Bangladeshi fashion houses has surpassed the demand of Indian and Pakistani salwar kameez because of its creative design, choice of fabrics suited to environment and occasion. Fashion houses also developed a fusion of eastern and western design in women dresses in Bangladesh like short kamiz or women shirts with trouser and with matching scurf. Salwar Kameez, Saries, Payjama Panjabi are also common dresses produced by fashion houses in Bangladesh with varieties of exclusive.

“To provide a stable and gainful source of employment for the under privileged rural artisans, lift up the traditional identity and the commitment of quality service” On the basis of these principal Aarong started its journey in Bangladesh. Aarong is an organization that is dedicated to change the lives of disadvantages, promoting traditional products from Bangladesh and opening the doors so their products can be exported. Throughout Bangladesh and in international destinations, the name of Aarong is the synonym of quality originality and uniqueness. The designer and the creators of the product range offered by Aarong, have not only established the organization as leaders in deshi handicraft, but have also reignited interest and popularity for styles and traditional crafts that are native to the country. It is the gracious blend of contemporary and customary that ensures that each product is original and saleable in modern society. Aarong therefore has thousands of artisans producing pottery work, jewelry, woven baskets, silk, leather items, brass pieces and magnificent wood carvings. Today, few urban consumers will argue that Aarong is the local Mecca for deshi handicraft. Aarong’s product designs has brought consumer attention back to the products and styles that are indigenous to Bangladesh, its designers blending the traditional with the contemporary in a manner that has won instant consumer appeal, starting a revolution in trends that has now been taken up by countless other boutiques and stores. Aarong’s product designs focus on the diverse types and textures of crafts and patterns that have been passed along from generation to generation among weavers and artisans in craft hubs around the country. The name of the organization Aarong is a Bangla word. It means “a village fair or market”. The village fair provides craftsmen of all trades a marketplace to display and sell their traditional handicrafts. The naming of Aarong as such upholds the organizations commitment to promote the indigenous goods of our country, which are a part of our rich cultural and artistic heritage. It is the handicraft marketing arm of BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement committee), the largest NGO in Bangladesh. Aarong has created a village fair for the craftsmen of all trades come together to exhibit and sale their traditional handicrafts. It helps vitalize the traditional craftsmanship and find a wider market for their products nationally and internationally. Established in 1978, Aarong is a fair trade organization dedicated to bring about positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged artisans and underprivileged rural women by reviving and promoting their skills and craft. Reaching out to weavers, potters, brass workers, jewelers, jute workers, basket weavers, wood carvers, leather workers and more, Aarong embraces and nurtures a diverse representation of 65,000 artisans, 85% of whom are women. Today, Aarong has become...
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