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The British mobile phone market has grown considerably over the previous years and is regarded to be one of the largest mobile markets in Europe in terms of both the number of subscribers and the revenue of mobiles which exceeded £15.4 billion in 2008. With the rapid growth of the market and due to the high competition amongst the mobile networks in the UK, customer satisfaction is required to be considered by those companies in order to retain their customers satisfied and to increase their market shares. Therefore, the focus of this study is to measure customer satisfaction towards mobile phone service operators in the UK. The research approach which is adopted in this project is based on an extensive literature review on customer satisfaction, coupled with gathering and analysis of empirical data. The latter is based on questionnaires. The findings have helped to address the three objectives of the study which are (1) to examine customers’ attitudes towards mobile phone service providers in the UK, (2) to examine the reasons for changing the mobile service operators in the UK, and (3) to identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction. The results indicate that 80% of the respondents are satisfied with the provided service. Also the results provide evidence that respondents have positive attitudes towards the mobile companies in the UK. Further, the findings clarify the reasons for changing mobile phone service providers. Various reasons were examined and identified such as poor customer service, poor coverage network, high monthly fees as well as continuous problems with the bills. The key drivers of customer satisfaction towards mobile networks were also identified. Those key drivers include an excellent customer service, a good management of customers’ complaints, the quality of the technical process such as a good coverage and a good signal reception as well as offering cheap prices. Recommendations for further study are made and managerial implications are recommended so as to improve the service provided by the mobile operators in the UK and to increase their customer satisfaction. Keywords: customer satisfaction, mobile, telecommunications, consumer behaviour, Brand switching, customer attitudes, buying choice.

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