Customer Satisfaction Level

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Chapter one: Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Origin of the report
1.3 Objectives
1.4 Methodology
1.5 Limitation

1.1 Introduction

Internship is a partial requirement of graduation. It offers a great opportunity for any student to get some tremendous and brilliant ideas about the practical field. It is also a challenging experience to prepare Internship Report which increases intellectual abilities as an efficient graduate. As Banking sector have emerged as the most important player of our economy and they also offer a passionate environment for career development so it was my premier objective since the very beginning of BBA program to accomplish internship in this type of financial institution.

A developed banking sector plays a vital role for financial stability of a country. Mercantile Bank Ltd. (MBL) is a national bank with a unique national network. It is trying to expand its operation all over the country. I am very glad for getting the opportunity to accomplish my internship in the Mercantile Bank Ltd. (MBL) - Green Road Branch. The internship program was carried on the general banking and credit department. The internship report is based on the Customer satisfaction level collected information through a design questionnaire and the respondents are customers or clients of MBL. During the two months internship period spanning form August 23 to October 18 in Mercantile Bank, I gear the practical knowledge about the products, services and customer satisfaction.

The customer satisfaction level includes varous factors like reliablity, assurance, tangibility and responsiveness factors. Then, the collected infromation is analyzed through graphical method and using the SPSS. The SPSS sofware indentifies the realtionshiop customer staisfaction and the factors.

1.2 Origin of the report

The report has been prepared as a fulfillment of the partial requirement of the internship program as authorized by Faculty of Business Administration and Management (BAM), Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU). The primary goal of the internship program is to provide on the job coverage to the student and an opportunity for translation of theoretical conceptions in real life situation. Students work as an internee various enterprises, organizations, research institutions as well as development projects. The program covers an overall period of 3 months organizational attachment, with report preparation.

1.3 Objectives

The report prepared on “Customer Satisfaction Level 0f Mercantile Bank Limited- A study on Green Road Branch” has some special objectives. The objectives can be divided in two ways- general and specific objectives. The objectives are shown below-

General objectives:

This study is conducted to expose the customer’s satisfaction level and know how to provide them better service.

Specific objectives:

The specific objectives are as follows-

* To describe the general banking function, structure and its procedures, rules and regulation. * To know the existing overall banker’s customer relationship. * To identify specialized functions and characteristics of MBL. * To understand the internal and external environment of the organization. * To indentify the problems those exist in MBL.

1.4 Methodology

Sources of information: Of the two sources of information the present is study is using both the secondary sources and primary sources of information by using-

* Annual report of the company.
* Also related information is collected through internet. * Direct conversation with the officers and executives.
* Using a structured questionnaire.
* Different brochures and newsletters of MBL.
* Observation during the internship periods.
Data collection methods: Considering the nature of the study- * The data has been collected trough the structured questionnaire. *...
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