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  • Published : January 12, 2011
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Persuasive Essay Hudson, Shawn

Are you happy with what you eat? All of the small salads, nasty vegetable drinks, and all of the dietary pills to keep a good looking body for everyone else, and to cover up the shame and guilt that you are hiding in the inside? McDonalds is striving and pulling forward to fast food domination, not in a negative way but in a positive way. The reasons why is because of the variety of choices you can pick from, customer satisfaction, and you being happy.

The first reason why you the people should eat McDonalds is the variety of choices there is. If you really don’t have money on you at the time or there are a lot of friends or family with you, you don’t have to order expensive meals you can order straight from the dollar menu. The dollar menu consists of crispy chicken sandwiches , juicy mcdouble sandwiches, or just deserts like cookies or apple pies. If you are watching your weight there is also salads to choose from, McDonalds is not just high calorie foods.

The second reason is customer satisfaction; that is one of the main goals that McDonalds continues to do and will keep on doing. People know that they are going to get their hard worked money’s worth on some of the most delicious food made by incredible people that assemble it. Even when you are in a rush to work or pick up your children from school the drive thru is one of the most successful and fastest of delivering your food, in just about 90 seconds!

The most important reason is you being happy. Everyday people go to McDonalds with a bad mood because they are hungry. McDonalds makes sure that you leave with a smile on your face and as well as your kids. Having things such as play land, plasma TVs’, and free Wi-Fi, you could watch your kids enjoying their happy meal toys and playing on the slides while you happily watch TV or surf the web. Knowing that you leave happy is the most...
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