Customer Relatioship

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  • Published: March 19, 2013
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Customer Relationship introduction & types

Introduction :- Till now majority of marketers focused on traditional mode of marketing.

• Due to which they acquire few customers by targeting limited segment. • They use tools & techniques developed for mass marketing in industrial era. • But in present competitive era this proving to be highly ineffective.


• Relationship marketing is emerging as the core marketing activites.

• On an average, business spend six times more to acquire new customers than to keep them.

• As a result of which companies paying more attention to their relationship with exisiting customer.

• Facing the competitive threat such as a new entrants pricing pressure ,technology along with related cost organization realizing that traditional marketing model no longer effective


• Help to retain customer.
• RM creates intelligent opportunities for cross selling. • Opens up the possibility of rapid introduction of new brands & product. • Organization must be able to customize their product offering, optimize price, integrated products. • Service & deliver the service as promised & demanded by customer base.

We can categories the benefits generally in following :


• Increased sales result from spending more times with customers, which results from spending less time chasing (i.e. Productivity, improvement)

• Win rates improves since companies can with draw from unlikely orbad deals realier on in the sales process.

• Increased margins resulting from knowing customers better providing a value sale.

• Improved customer satisfaction ratings.

CRM Challenges:

• CRM is long term approaches that have to be adopted at strategic level. • Communicating customers at right time.
• Breaking competitor’s relationship with customers.


OPRATIONAL CRM: This the process in which involve the areas where direct customers contact is possible. Purpose of operational CRM is to provide transaction level data about individuals ,product & provide support for customer facing processes.

E.g Direct mail, phone interaction


Sales automation :- Account management
Opportunity management Contact management
Activities Management
Price & product list configuration Sales incentive plans
Sales forcing & reporting

Customer Service Automation: Service request.
Customer complaints.

Customer interaction center (CIC) is critical component of operational CRM . Sales force Automation also known as “Technology Enable Selling”(TES).This includes:

• Accurate business forecast
• Generating customize presentations & proposals.
• Personalized communication.

It also handle the entire sales pipline from lead generation to closure activities. CALL CENTER SYSTEM provide extensive customer service by enabling customers to recive any information

Answering quires
Buying products
Receiving product identifying opportunities of cross selling.

Order Manangment : This include quote generation
• Service request
• Ordering Products

Invoicing or billing- This includes multiple order billing &...
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