Customer Relationship Management

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Business process reengineering Pages: 5 (1620 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Customer relationship management or well known of CRM, its application that able companies to move towards becoming centred organisation by giving priority to the customer at the centre of all the information and also giving the authorised to the people within the organisation. CRM also is a customer-focused business strategy that designed to optimize customer loyalty and revenue. A company CRM builds a customer list or handle customer support cases, they taking it under CRM activities. CRM also applies standardize and share these activities all over the organization in improving their interaction with customers. Many challenges faces during the customer interaction, the challenges they face is reporting, marketing, sales supports and collaboration. CRM about a company which is well known in national level, and this company has when through the CRM process. Canada Post Crop or CPC, is the company that I’m going to explain. Canada Post Crop or known as CPC, this company is a Canada’s national postal service provider. And the country’s fourth largest employer. CPC future is depended on having customer processes and innovative technological solutions for create better customer and also employee value. The situation of every process must add value for the customer or the corporation. This process to ensure that customer – focused, process- driven, self service oriented. Those day in the past, customer experience with CPC complicated and frustrating. Each customer has the same issue and will be calling many times and receive different kind of feedback from the call centre agents. And previously, the former systems were standalone and it did not much integrate with customers or even the call information. Customers couldn’t track down their parcels due to their systems. This problem arise in CPC and become the barrier for the customers as well.

Process redesign is basically developed by James Harrington in his early 1980s, the process is to remove the waste and the streamline of activities, it is a also requires IT techniques for a perform in the routine. This is a very effective that reduce sot and the cycle time and also improving its quality. The other benefits in process redesign is also reduce internal conflict and including reduces risk by 50% below. Another name of process redesign is called process reengineering, process redesign concept has many good features and it also redefined and streamlined. The typical process takes 30 days for develop a solution. In CPC’s process redesign was a successful process and it also has created customer and employee, it also to add value for the customer and also the corporation. This ensure that it will be more customer-focused, process-driven and also self service-oriented that stand scrutiny with assigned accountability. This successfully process has improve the company way better than last time. And customers had their best experience with CPC’s systems. On the other hand, process redesign has 5 phases that consist of 25 different activities. The first would be organizing for improvement (1 phase), the process of understanding (phase 2), the process of streamlining (phase 3), measurement, implementation and controls (phase 4) and lastly the phase 5 is improvement by countinously. The first phase of process redesign, is where by the critical processes is been slected and responsible the improving of the process by total performance which include in more than one function. The function includes defining the critical business, where by management needs to select few key processes to focus on in the organization. In this process the executive team should look at the process, business plan, positioning competitive and capabilities are the key of process for the better improvement and its also give the impact to the customer as well. Second function is the process of selecting owners, this is important for giving ownership to the total business. They...
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