Customer Relationship in Fast Food Chains in India

Topics: Marketing, Fast food, Relationship marketing Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: April 13, 2013
The fast food chains in India have seen unprecedented growth in their expansion over recent years. The ease of developing infrastructure, access to trained personnel and moreover, economic stability has helped entrepreneurs to own the fast food stores by using the means available to them. Jennings (2002) cited that companies have developed their strategies to own company stores in India as well as offering franchise to the individuals based on their capacity, available resources and expertise.

However, the fast food industry has been, once uncertain and vivid, now recognised as one of the lucrative sector in long term and hence, companies are seeking the ways to develop their competitive advantage in the market. Goyal and Singh (2007) found that Indian are more tending to spend on the fast foods as their lifestyle changes. However, the various domestic and international fast food chains offer distinct values to their consumers and classify them using the several measures, including the income groups.

Precisely, these food chains have distinct pricing strategies, sales promotion techniques and market positioning to gain competitive advantage in the market. But, Carmen et al. (2005) argued that target audience always consider and justify the values and services being offered to them. Hence, the customer relationship appears as core to the marketing strategy concerned with the fast food chains in India. The researcher would attempt to analyse the service attributes offered by several fast food chains and effectiveness of customer relationship marketing strategy. The researcher aims to use the quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques to attain the objectives of the research report.
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