Customer Relation Ship Management Crm

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Customer Relations Management

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In the recent years, the developed institutions and corporations with the biggest economic stability are focusing in customers relations management CRM but not all of them succeeded .there are challenges faces it , if we use it not in the proper way . also in special cases implementing CRM will not be the right choice . The propose of this report is define the foundation of CRM , investing in people not technology , the emerging practice , process and discipline . Also answering the question is CRM a successful factor in electronic commerce ECCRM ? . Research methodology is qualitative by reading more about the subject in journals and authorized wed sites. I recommend senior managers to spend more in CRM by knowing the customers needs and adopt the business model to reach effectiveness and customer satisfactions . in the other hand never depend on technology only , manager should invest in people so they can handle the CRM process also avoid ECCRM if they don’t have the knowledge about implementing the electronic commerce in the right business strategy .

Table of Contents
Customer Relations Management1
Corporate renaissance5
Marketing dreams throw CRM and how to apply it5
Customer loyalty5
The booming CRM software market and effective CRM process6
Focusing in people rather than technology6
What’s CRM and does it linked to functional information system and the challenges facing them ?7
CRM linked to marketing7
CRM linked to sales8
CRM linked to supply chain functions8
CRM process framework9
CRM implementation issues and the challenge of it9
Is CRM relationship management a success factor in electronic commerce ?10
Hypothesis 110
Hypothesis 210


What’s customer’s relations management? A brief about it , every one thinks its about software and technology , but actually its about customers ! Not just one customer! It’s the history of all costumers with various needs and different test including their contacts numbers , names , email address and how low long they are buying from the institution . Also CRM is used for some activates to earn business ( throw phone conversation , video meeting and emailing ) . By these elements you can take more information from outsiders like customers , and suppliers . Also you can communicate with insiders like your boss , accounting and colleges .by sharing the information ,set appointment and organize operations . To implement it to your business for one serious reason is to make it effective by thinking about the customer wants. What’s the challenges to implement it in the business model? There is no standard process because it depend on your business activity . Managers manage , major and improve the process throw CRM that means there is collaboration (shorten sales cycle ) , increase revenues and visibility about the customers needs . The first part is about CRM and corporate renaissance. the second part is companies should focus on people before focusing on technology . The third of the article will discuss (A) the customer knowledge in deep to have a healthy environment with perfect customers relations including faster decision making (B) The map of marketing , sales , managers and accounting and how they communicate using CRM . The last part (A) is targeting the wealthy valuable customers to earn more profits using the electronic commerce which called business to customers activates (B2C) . (B) should we implement the ECCRM in any business model for helping managers in decision making ?

Corporate renaissance

corporations in the past thinks that the best way to increase profitability by cost...
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