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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Meticulous Martin
This is an example of a customer profile, it is useful when identifying targeted markets, and it gives a better understanding of what the consumer enjoys doing and what they are like as individuals which is important when creating communications. All communications should be targeted to their personality. Martin is a 46 year old manager of an organisation that specialises in financial services based in London. The business currently has 30 employees and has clients list totalling near 200. He regularly logs into his Linked-in social media account when he has the opportunity at work, to stay informed about his contacts, clients and industry. In this competitive market he understands the importance of creating bonds with clients to increase customer base but also to retain existing clients, and Martin is always looking of ways to strengthen these relationships, and will often go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction, and ensure brand commitment. He is currently trying to secure a contract with a client which would be of substantial value to the organisation, however due to the economic downturn the marketing budget in recent years has been considerably reduced, with expenditure being diverted into other marketing channels that offer a more accountable ROI. Tim maintains that entertaining clients is a fundamental way to strengthen business relationships, even more so in times of financial instability. So he is looking for a corporate hospitality package that offers good value for money, that is still sufficiently unique and entertaining for the client.
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