Customer Preference

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  • Published : February 1, 2011
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Customer preference:
Customers are informed and remaindered about the products and are requested and persuaded to purchase their products. Such communication may be made their along the product or well in advance of the introduction of product into the market. Such communication becomes necessary when a new product or service is introduced in the market or an old product is improved or it is simply to increase the sales of the products.

How Companies Find Consumer Preferences

• Companies routinely test the market to find out what customers like and dislike about their products and competitors' products. This is usually done by an internal marketing department or outsourced to a market research firm. Phone interviews, paper surveys, electronic surveys, focus groups and consumer samplings are common methods for gathering information


1.3.1 Primary Objectives

• To study the level of customer preference in ODYSSEY

Secondary Objectives

• To identify the customer response.
• To find out the customer satisfaction in odyssey
• To identify the customer awareness


In the era of tough competition, Customers have become the Judge/King. They decide the winner and the loser. They decide the winner based on the satisfaction they receive from the products. So it is very important for any company to analyse the needs and wants of the customers and measure their level of satisfaction.

This study tried to find out the satisfaction level of customers of lifestyle and to understand their expectations. This will help them to benchmark and improve

This study aims at understanding the Customer preference of odyssey. This study takes into consideration the product and services offered, price, ambience etc in order to measure the level of customer preference. This study also aims at analyzing which factor the customers preference most. This study will help to know about the...
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