Customer Perception on Tata Nano

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“Customer perception towards Nano car 2012”

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“Customer perception towards Nano car 2012”

Commuting by public transport system consumes time .Therefore, to own their own vehicle is the dream of many individuals and households. Purchasing four -wheeler involves huge amount of outlay. Earlier days and in the recent past, owing a car was possible only to the people of high income group. To help middle income and low income family, Tata’s have launched Nano car at an affordable price ranging from Rs. 1, 30,000 to Rs. 1, 75,000. The car was released in the market with an intention of sweeping the market and to fulfill the dreams of the consumers. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

Though the car had high hopes of getting good market, it failed to fulfill the expectations of the people. Few customers are not all that satisfied with the product. Though the mileage is good, the car has got its own limitations. Some are of the opinion that the interior of the car is not good and some are of the opinion that it fit only for short distances. In this direction an attempt is made to know the opinion of the people towards the new version of Nano car “Nano 2012”. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

* To understand the four-wheeler market in general and Nano market in particular * To understand the perception of customers towards Nano * To make suggestions on the basis of findings of the study

Type of research
In the present study, descriptive type of research is used- which describes the characteristics of a group or individuals i.e. their perception about Nano Car DATA COLLECTION
Source and tools of data collection:
* Primary Data:
* Primary data will be collected through questionnaire....
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