Customer Marketing Assignment

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Aldi Supermarkets Marketing Report


Contents and Appendix Executive Summary Audit and explanation of the business and its current customer related marketing strategy. The Four P’s Identifying and recommending new marketing objectives Corporate and Social Responsibility Initiatives Recommending new marketing objectives The Marketing of Halal in the United Kingdom Recommending new marketing objectives Company Rebranding Initiative Recommending new marketing objectives Conclusion SWOT Analysis References Insert 1.0: Marketing and Selling Models Insert 1.1: Needle. D Model Insert 1.2: New Organisational Structure Insert 1.3: Porters Five Forces Model (1980) Insert 1.4: Porters Generic Forces Model Insert 1.5: Ansoff’s Matrix Insert 1.6: Twelve-Month Marketing Plan: Gantt Chart 2 3 5 5 8 9 10 11 12 12 13 14 16 21 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

Notes to the Examiner:  All additional information is stored in the Appendix  The word count excludes the following:

I. All references and bibliographies II. All references to diagrams and tables. III. All content within tables IV. Labels and titles of tables and diagrams V. The Learning Outcomes as Titles VI. The Contents Page VII. All content on page 2, 3 & 4  All Harvard referencing in this assignment is from the formatting illustrated in the Anglia Ruskin University document.  I would like all ‘Inserts’, which have been placed within the main assignment to be included in the marking scheme if possible.


Executive Summary
The UK grocery industry is so large, with the demand of food retail goods being so sensitive to cross-price elasticity that retailers are constantly striving to explore new and innovative methods to which they can achieve differential advantage over their discounter retail competitors. (Mitchell & Kiral, 1998) This report will provide recommendations on how Aldi can achieve this by diversifying into new markets as well as retaining loyalty with their existing customer base. Scope: In recent months the retailer is looking to enhance its image and perception by developing a stronger focus on quality of its products, as well as its additional in-store services. (Aldi, 2009) Furthermore, Aldi has expansion plans in opening new stores in higher, more upmarket locations and to expand its product ranges to attract a higher-earning clientele (Aldi, 2009). This innovation is supported by Harvey, (2000, pp. 17) who suggests that, being in a society housing a wide spectrum of income levels, retailers can bring together highincome and low-income market segments and therefore, can integrate separate ‘segments of consumer demand’ and forming an internal niche market, whom they can both target with higher (or branded) and lower priced items (or own-branded items). This report will analyse their current position within the market in relation to their competitors, and to conduct a twelve-month marketing plan in order to achieve new marketing objectives. This will revolve around attracting a new, higher-earning clientele segment, and therefore, achieving growth to their market share. Aldi supermarkets are a private company and so the main driver will be financial gain. However, in order to achieve this, the report will look at the discount market sector in the UK as a whole, and look at the physiographic aspects of Aldi’s current customer base, their competition and conduct a SWOT analysis in order to derive the retailers core competencies and to look at new opportunities for ways in which to exploit these competences and looking at how Aldi could turn weakness and threats into opportunities and strengths. Furthermore, the report will also focus on potential asset-lead and market-lead strategies in order to build upon and to communicate their core competencies through innovative marketing techniques, and, in turn, to achieve higher customer loyalty. There are two dimensions to the discount retailer market, and...
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