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Before the description of my consuming experience and analysis, it is worth to emphasize the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Recent years, the consuming markets are almost saturated and stagnant; customers are not same as before, they will switch rapidly if they were not satisfactory. There are many reasons order organizations about CRM. In my journal, I will share four of customer experiences and analysis them to identify the importance of CRM and make more aware of interactions between customers and organizations. There are three parts, the brief description and analysis of the experience; identify the relative CRM things of every organization which mentioned; recommendations for those organizations for managing customers. Descriptions and analysis of experiences

Hanavie – a hair salon
I’ve being a member of Hanavie for 3 months and have a constant hairdresser who is very friendly and experienced. The first time I went to there for hair cutting and coloring since the recommendation of my roommate. I booked on the previous day and chose the hairdresser. It is no exaggeration to say that Hanavie is the only one satisfactory hair salon for me during my lifetime and I’m a loyal customer of Hanavie. Every time I went there I can reach or even exceed my expectations. Commonwealth bank

The second experience I will share is about Commonwealth bank. I had received an email last month which invited customers to apply student credit card and with an attractive conditions of $50 cash bank. Because I have no credit card, when I received that card I decided to apply one. Last two weeks ago, I went the bank at Rhodes shopping centre and the staff helped me finish the application steps on a computer. The staff is very nice at the bank; they smile a lot and very patient during the communication. I trust Commonwealth bank and I believe I will choose it in the future. IKEA

I had bought quilt cover and sheet last week at IKEA. Because I forgot size of the quilt and the bed, I picked two wrong size goods. Until I opened the package I found they were too big to my quilt and bed. I found the receipt with words which mean customer can change their mind and return goods. Even though I had opened the package, IKEA allowed change the suitable goods for me. It is really satisfied for me about the service. Furthermore, the quality of the good is not very nice but the good service can increase my satisfaction. In summary, I am not fully satisfied with IKEA. Coles

I have to go Coles because Rhodes has no other big super market. I believe I just behaviorally loyal with Coles in Rhodes shopping. This branch is not enough big and has fewer kinds of goods than Woolworth at MQ; the quality and price of goods is worse than Woolworth, such as vegetables and fruit. Additionally, the self-serve checkout system is problematic, I must put all of things on the top, if I put them on the floor which already been scanned the system will stop checkout and I have to ask the staff to help. But there also have more merits, such as Coles is more clean and quiet than Woolworth. In totally, Coles can reach my expectations and I’ll go on consuming at there until I leave Rhodes. Related organizations and their CRM strategy

Hanavie and its CRM strategy
Hanavie give every customer a membership card which rules 1 point for each service and customer can get a $5 discount with 5 points and $10 discount with 10 points. But it is not a complete CRM strategy without an information system. They just record the customer information on a notebook. But Hanavie is a small hair salon which is not necessary to introduce a formal CRM strategy. In my opinion, their membership is not enough to attract and maintain customers. For most people, hair dressing is not the most frequent things to do in their daily life; it will take a long time for a customer to get the small discount. During this process, some of the customer will give up to...
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