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Journal Article Review – Methodology

We now move on to a discussion methodology, and the approach evident in the journal article. Methodology can be defined as the analysis of the principles or procedures of inquiry in a particular field. A methodology is a construct of the source and audience for which they are intended. For this reason, in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the methodologies adopted by the author, one must first understand the author, source and intended audience.

The journal of retailing and consumer services, from which this article was taken, is an international journal published quarterly, which sets about “forging the link between research and practice.” Being an international research journal, the articles contained are aimed at a particular target group; generally academics and practitioners, attempting to gain a greater understanding. The articles intended audience means that the articles included in it must be of a certain nature in relation to their content and origin. All pieces are required to be thoroughly researched and include supporting evidence. This is evident in the articles scientific structure and approach to the investigation it carries out. It attempts to “determine whether consumers’ value orientation is a useful basis for segmentation of the marketplace” by forming a hypothesis, conducting an experiment and extracting a conclusion. Academic sources are cited throughout the course of the article, adding to the credibility of the discussion and the overall article itself.

Like the intended audience, the methodology adopted is inextricably linked with the author. The article is co-written by Joffre Swait and Jillian Sweeney, both of whom have teaching and industry experience. Dr Swait conducts research in a number of areas related to consumer behaviour in the marketplace whilst Dr Sweeney specializes in relationship marketing. Both authors have track records for writing for business journals and their...
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