Customer Behavior in Fast Food Industry

Topics: Hygiene, Toilet, Bidet Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Recently a customer behaviour survey was undertaking among fast food giants like Hungry Jacks™, K.F.C.™, Mc Donald's™, and Pizza Hut™ Much has been written and said about cleanliness in restaurants. Every now and then people vindictively drool over a story about a restaurant not being up to health regulation standards. Customers complain about waitresses handling money and then serving food without washing their hands. Sometimes they take a glimpse into the kitchen and are horrified at the cooks personal hygiene. But how often are customers scrutinized for their filthy habits? Their nose picking antics and then a serve of pizza straight after, or a visit to the toilets without washing hands. How have customers been getting away with these unclean habits for so long in a society where cleanliness should be a priority? What shall restaurant managers do about these peculiar people who come and drag them through court because of food poisoning? Was it really the food or was it their grubby hands which fingered the food after they came from the toilet or from their habitation? Some Eastern customs have a sweet smelling, hot or cold finger bowl on the table. Often the food is not served until all have dipped their fingers in this, really, disinfectant solution. In aeroplanes, sometimes hot, disinfectant face washers are handed out before a meal is served. Maybe restaurant proprietors ought to take note and introduce something similar. Society's cleanliness has degraded over the years, people have become lazy, nonchalant about cleanliness and laugh when something is said about personal hygiene. Watch out sickness is on the rise!  Germs are gaining in numbers, beware lest they consume you in your ignorance! ??? Questionnaire Restaurant Proprietors Answered ???

1: Do customers wash their hands before they sit down and dine-in? No, not generally. Actually, I have never seen anybody do it yet. 2: Do adults make more mess than children? 
Yes, definitely. It's surprising,...
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