Customer Behavior

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Understanding and Reflection on Customer Behavior


Currently it is difficult to fight for customers because customers’ purchasing intends to be more unpredictable. Marketers should have an insight to establish a marketing strategy based on understanding customer thinking and behaviors. Based on understanding concepts and importance of customer behavior, the research is mainly focused on marketing activities of Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, and British supermarket Sainsbury’. The paper here firstly discussed concepts and theories of terms of customer behavior. And then the paper analyzed marketing strategies of these three organizations respectively. And the end, the paper drew a conclusion that there are spaces for these organization to improve their marketing to suit to changing customer behavior.

Entry One: Coca Cola targeting on Yong people

Companies have tried hard to develop the right products and services, price them appropriately and market them to their target audience, in an effort to satisfy their customers. And it is been emphasized that communication with customers plays an important role in current competition (Kumar, 2010). Trait theorists believed that individual difference influence their purchasing behavior (Bosnjak, 2007). Therefore, it is believed in this paper that understanding customers should be enforced before positioning and communicating.

In the process of purchasing, consumers can feel the individual properties of the commodity with their sensory organs. A customer’s perception of the value of any product may change based on subjective factors, some related to the product itself, and others related to the individual’s particular circumstances vis-a`-vis the product(Cross & Dixit, 2005). The reflecting of human brain with the sensory organs on the individual properties of the objective is so called perception. But how people perceive the outside world? It is commonly believed that people get attitudes, values, tastes, preference, meaningfulness, and perception by learning.

Repeating can increase the intensity and speed of learning. It is obvious that the more customers contact the advertising information, the greater the possibility that they acquire the information. The effect of repeating is also directly related to the importance of information. In other words, if the learning content is very important or accompanied by a lot of strengthening, repeating can be less. Many advertising content currently is not very important for consumers, which can not provide direct incentives and strengthening. Therefore, repeating becomes a key factor in the promotion process.

Memory is the result of learning. Typically, images are directly stored into the short-term memory in order to solve the problem or further rendering. The long-term memory is the previous processed information storage down to prepare the information for later use. With the increasing of new information, long-term memory undergoes continuous restructuring. When you need to solve the problem, the information is extracted from the memory. Coca Cola Company spends a great deal of energy in marketing to associate various brands with customer’s thirsty feeling. The following advertising image of Coca Cola, with the first sight, it can give an impression that the beverage can stop customers’ thirsty feeling. The success of extraction depends on the original quality of learning and environmental similarity with the original learning environment.

[pic] Figure 1: Coca Cola advertisement

Despite controversy, but there is evidence that customers’ attitude about products can be changed (Urala & Lähteenmäki, 2007). Constantly showing a certain brand produce a more positive attitude of the brand. For those products with low degree of involvement, repeatedly broadcast advertising can increase consumers' favorite attitudes without changing the consumer's initial cognitive structure. Classical conditioning,...
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