Customer Attitude Towards the Mobile Market

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This Marketing Plan is designed for “i-mobile”. This Plan includes Components of the Marketing Mix Strategies and their use and evaluation of those. How to develop it market? How this product will increase its sales? Select the promotional tools. In Bangladesh market of this product is at its developing stage. And here are few competitors. So we want to establish in the market by give best service. And try to understand consumer demand and fulfill this demand. Here we tried to find out the optimum communication mix for 1-mobile”. We tried to analyze the vision, mission and objective of the total corporation then we analyzed that of the SBU. After that we tried to find the Marketing objective, budget, strategy and tactics.

Over the last two to three years, the number of mobile subscribers in Bangladesh has been more than doubling on an annual basis. With the momentum that has been developed on the back of the government’s deregulation process, the growth is likely to continue. The entry of new operators into the market has certainly helped to further boost the competitive environment. This report describes how the mobile market is growing and the impact this is having on the developing nation, as well as providing an outline of the main players. The report also provides a brief overview of the country’s TV broadcasting sector.

Samart I-Mobile PCI. The Group’s principal activities are the distribution and provision of mobile phone content as a value added service. It also retails accessories and SIM cards in the form of retail trade through I-Mobile by SAMART Shop, wholesales and sells franchises of I-Mobile by SAMART Shop, and distributes computer and information equipment. The Group also manages the distribution channels and management for 1900 MHz mobile phone, manages and operates the 1900 MHz mobile phone customer service and billing system for Thai-Mobile Joint Venture. It is also the operator of a media business, engaging in and providing billboard advertisement services, providing content services, and provider of content. The Group is a producer and developer of contents under the brand name of BUG 1900, BUG 1113.

Chapter-I: General introduction

1. Background of the study:

i-mobile was founded in 2003 by Tony Drake and Harvey Janelli. Their combined proven track record in the IT and Telecom markets totals over 50 years of profitable service to satisfied clients and corporations alike. Both founders have extensive experience working abroad and have provided solutions to customers on a Global Basis. They have worked together successfully on many projects over the past 20 years. Both have previously owned their own consulting company.

Early-on the founders identified the use of wireless technology, including RFID, as a viable method to track physical assets.

i-mobile’s sole focus is the exploitation of wireless technology such as RFID, WiFi and GSMJGPRS coupled with our browser-based Web Services software solutions in support of the DoD, Public Safety and general RFID markets.

i-mobile First’s was the first company to introduce RFID into the Police Property Room in 2003 - Evidence SentinelTM. We were the first company to introduce Web Service based Hosted solutions to the DoD Supplier market in 2004 - Parts SentineP- D0DRFIDLabe15.comTM and We were the first to introduce RFID solutions on and in metal 2004 - Metal SentinelTM.

i-mobile is a customer driven company who responds to the needs of the marketplace. The company is organized in the European style of Directorships; with a flat management structure.

1.2). Objective of the study.

Objective of this report can broadly be defmed as to identify’ the customer attitude towards the mobile market in our country especially i-mobile.

More specifically the objective can be defmed as to identify the use of the Marketing Mix Strategies and evaluation of those. 1.3). Scope of the study:

1.Information systems and...
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