Customer Attitude Towards Rte Food Industry

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In today’s competitive world the practical study forms an important part in each and every professional course. The MBA is a course In which the theoretical knowledge is backed by practical study. That study is in the form of different projects which are under taken in the course. Here I have done a project on CONSUMER’S ATTITUDE TOWARDS READY TO EAT FOOD INDUSTRY (RTE) as a part of marketing research information system course. The current situation is made known to the students when they undertake the project. The project gives better insides into the application part of the theory. The companies in an industry and their operations can be better known by the students when they analyze the data and prepare the project. This project is on the study of CONSUMER’S ATTITUDE TOWARDS READY TO EAT FOOD market of India. We have done analysis based on the primary data (which are collected through survey and personal interview) and secondary data (which are collected from different sources like internet, magazines and reports of different government agencies) This project also includes the current news on ready to eat food and also includes the details of the international conference in India on READY TO EAT FOOD INDUSTRY (RTE). The ready to eat cereal industry is characterized by high concentration, high price-cost margins large advertising to sales ratios, and numerous introductions of new products. Previous researcher has concluded. The ready to eat cereal industry is a classic example of an industry with nearly collusive pricing behavior and intense non-price competition in particular, I estimate price –cost margins, but more importantly I am able empirically to separate these margins into three sources 1. That which is due to product differentiation

2. That which is due to multi-product firm pricing
3. That due to potential price collusion
The research suggests that given the demand for different brands of cereal, the first effects explain most of the observed price-cost markups. I conclude that prices in the industry are consistent with non-collusive pricing behaviour, despite the high price – costs margins. Leading firms are able to maintaince a portfolio of differentiated products and influence the perceived product quality. it is these two factors that lead to high price – cost margins.

The research in ready to eat has provided both advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are quoted below Advantages

1) Time saver: - In a busy life, RTE is a boom to save time. RTE foods saves our time, for instance it becomes difficult for a hardworking youth to spend time in preparing his/her food in a busy schedule. So RTE is for such fast going or young people to take food at any time. 2) Portable: - These foods are portable, can be taken along anywhere and everywhere. The person can take the food wherever he travels all over. It is available in very compact and attractive packages. 3) Hygiene: - The foods are packed by machines, do not cause any infections and are prepared in a hygienic manner. 4) Nutrients rich: - They are rich in nutrients even the intake of small quantity of food, gives us the required nutrients for the body to keeps us healthy. They have very less fats and carbohydrates. Rich food provides energy through out the day. 5) Adoptable to the trend: - Ready to eat is modified according to the market trend that is consumer taste and preference is taken into consideration. RTE is nowadays popular and attractive among consumers due to its less work and taste. It is more useful for the people who are busy and could not spend a lot of time in cooking.


Ready to eat food causes many problems, they are:-
Contaminated food is considered to be the principle route of transmission, and estimated to be the source in as high as 99% of the cases (WHO, 1988, meadetal 1999). L.Monocytogenes appears to...
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