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DUE: Prior to Week 3 call
Exercises 1 – 3 refer to the Try It / Solve It exercises in Oracle iLearning. 1. Section 5, Practice Guide Database Design Lesson 1, Exercise 1 (b, d, f, h, j, l, n) 2. Section 5, Practice Guide Database Design Lesson 3, Exercise 1 3. Section 6, Practice Guide Database Design Lesson 2, Exercise 3 (a, b, c) 4. Using the “Summit Sporting Goods” scenario introduced last week, draw an ERD using the entities and attributes discussed on your last call. Try to resolve any many-to-many relationships with intersection entities.

I’m a manager of a sporting goods wholesale company that operates worldwide to fill orders of retail sporting goods stores. The stores are our customers (some of our people prefer to call them our clients). Right now we have fifteen customers worldwide, but we’re trying to expand our customer base by about 10% each year starting this year. Our two biggest customers are Big John’s Sports Emporium in San Francisco, CA., USA, and Womansports in Seattle, Washington, USA. For each customer we must track an ID and name. We may track an address (including the city, state, zip code, and country) and phone number. We maintain warehouses in different regions to best fill the order of our customers. For each order we must track an ID. We may track the date ordered, date shipped and payment type when the information is available.

Right now we have the world divided into five regions: North America, South America, Africa/Middle East, Asia, and Europe. We only track the ID and the name. We try to assign each customer to a region so we’ll generally know the best location from which to fill each order. Each warehouse must have an ID. We may track an address (including the city, state, zip code and country) and phone number. We currently have only one warehouse per region, but we’re hoping to have more soon."

"I manage the order entry functions for our...
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