Customer Analysis

Topics: Ford Motor Company, Ford Fiesta, Ford Mondeo Pages: 3 (560 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Value Proposition
Service & Pricing Assignment 3

1. Background/Executive Summary
a. My Service is Public Relation Services (for Ford Motor Company) (54180) b. My customer is Ford Motor Company
c. My customer is a Service Buyer
d. Three key customer characteristics used to target Ford Motor Company are: • Psychographic: Succeeders ( Strong goal orientation, confidence, work ethic, organization ... support status quo, stability. Brand choice based on reward, prestige - the very best . Also attracted to 'caring' and protective brands ... stress relief. ) • Lifestyle: Upper Middle Class, college educated at a minimum level of bachelors degree. • Demographic: Project Managers & Executives at Ford working on the Ford Fiesta line. 2. Understanding / Creating My Service’s Value Proposition a. My core products - top 3 business benefits are:

• The main business benefit is: Self Actualization
• Two supporting benefits are: Past positive experiences with our innovation and commitment to past projects. • and : Constant reliability.
b. My actual Service is: The Juvenile Diabetes Race, Ford Fiesta Promotion. c. To Augment my service, I’ll offer these two key features • Provide hands on brand representation for the new Ford Fiesta Line, “Product Specialist.” • Use Brand Ambassadors to obtain Data Capture and explain why we are here for them (Ford’s consumer, which will be our consumer a the event.) 3. How my target business segment buys my service:

• Accept our Proposal.
• Sign a contact with PCG Campbell.
a. When Ford is shopping around with other companies to out source this project they come back and choose PCG Campbell because: • Connivence: We’ve worked with Ford before and they are confident they’re going to receive a positive experience on the project. b. Our service is: Durable

• We represent the Brand Image of Ford and leave a positive image in the consumers (Juvenile...
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