Customer Analysis

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Customer analysis
There are 4 important points for customer analysis
1. Customer segmentation- It includes division of customer into different groups as per their values, requirements, etc. 2. Values- it includes what is more important for a particular group of customer. Like a. Cost sensitiveness

b. Quality consideration
c. How important in convenience or are customers willing to go out of their way to get the right product or service 3. Decision process
Who actually purchase your product and who is responsible for encouraging that purchase 4. Concentration of customer base
Where the targeted customers are concentrated???

a. Local public
b. Hotels, Restaurants and Sweets shops
c. Students
Local public- this group can further be divided into 2 groups * Higher class families- for this group
* Quality consideration is more important than cost sensitiveness * Usually they will prefer pasteurized or homogenized and more hygienic products * Type of packing is also important factor

* Time is also a important factor so delivery should be at the specified time *
So anyhow we have to create their faith in us regarding quality, freshness, and delivery at specified time. Some points regarding marketing this group of customers *

* Middle class families-For this group
* Both quality as well as cost are important factors
* Usually major part of this group prefer raw milk rather than pasteurized milk or any other processed milk * Slight variation in delivery time is allowed but should be avoided as far as possible * Freshness and hygienic products in lower price will also affect the market here Some points regarding marketing this group of customers

Hotels, Restaurants, Sweets shops-
This group is a major consumer of raw milk and this group mainly asks for quality (fat %)....
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