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The clearance of goods on Import or Export, including unaccompanied baggage, involves quite a lot of procedural formalities. These formalities have to be observed by Importer / Exporter / Passenger, as the case may be. But in most cases the Customs station would be far away and it may not be possible for the Importer / Exporter / Passenger to attend to such work promptly. Unlike the work related to Central Excise or Income Tax, the Customs formalities cannot be attended to leisurely, as clearance is allowed only after the completion of formalities and payment of duty, where due. To meet this situation, a provision for licensing Custom House Agents, to represent the Importer / Exporter for the clearance work, has been made in the Customs Act 1962. Even prior to 1962, such as Muccadams, Dalals, Baggage Agents, Clearance Agents etc.A person, who desires to become a Custom House Agent, has to make an application, in the prescribed form. When such applications are invited by the Commissioner of Customs. Initially only a temporary licence, valid for two years is issued. To be eligible to make this application, the person should have experience in the line for at least one year and should have assets to the extent of Rs.1 lakh. He has also to execute a bond with security for Rs.25,000/-. The temporary licence can be made a regular licence on his passing a qualifying examination within a period of two years. The regular licence is issued for five years, and can be renewed thereafter on payment of a fee of Rs.3,000/- for further period of three years.The most important part of the Customs House Agents Regulations, which lays down the obligations of Customs House Agents, as under. * transact business in the Customs Station either personally or through an employee duly approved by the Assistant Commissioner of Customs, designated by the Commissioner; * does not represent a client before an officer of Customs in any matter to...
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