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Topics: Qualitative research, Quantitative research, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: December 4, 2012
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Research Problem:
The main problem of the research is to solve through giving better ways on how best we can solve the issues of divorce in most of the households. There has been an impact on the academic performance of and, herein children implying all in learning institutions from nursery to primary, secondary and colleges. The research basically has three broad objectives that it seeks to expand. Initially, it seeks to understand how divorce has affected children's' academic performance. Secondly, it will examine the long term change in behaviors of the affected children. Thirdly, it will give a comprehensive and extensive result on how best to solve the issue of divorce among the affected households. The research is more of qualitative though quantitative research will also be used to identify the current number of the affected children in school and outside school. The targeted group will be all children between the ages of 10- 30 years. Though the research could have wished to do the research as from 1 year, the respondent due to immaturity, could not be able to deliver the right information and needed the next of kin to be available. This could have led to wrong information delivery as the research was targeting information from one source and not from a second or third party (Engel, 2005). Mixed research will also be used in order to explore on all the relevant behaviors of the respondent and any impact that might have been brought out as a result of divorce. However, qualitative method will be used more in this research more that any other method but we shall incorporate the other methods to reduce on the probability errors. Herein, where qualitative method has a weakness, I will use quantitative as a strength and vise versa. Also to reduce on the probability errors, the sampling will be random and all the respondents will be selected by no specific order...
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