Custom Designed Drugs

Topics: Human genome, Genetics, Human Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Custom-designed drugs
At the cusp of dot-com frenzy and the biotech century, a group of influential scientists and pundits has begun zealously promoting a new bio-engineered utopia. In the world of their visionary fervour, parents can now afford the latest genetic "improvements" for their children. According to the advocates this is the human future (or, as some terms it, "post-human" future), the exercise of consumer preferences for offspring options will be the prelude to a grand achievement: the technological control of human evolution. All human diseases and disorders have their linkages to the human genome and now they are identified. For many diseases and disorders, the intermediate biochemical processes that lead to the expression of the disease or disorder and its interactions with a person’s environment and personal history will also be thoroughly explored. At a medical conference at Switzerland last weekend, a father daughter duo- Dr Anand Swaroop and Dr Ananya Swaroop, working on this research, came out with the idea of ‘custom designed drug’ or CDD. They quoted “After years of research, in several parts of the world, the understanding of human genetics have leaded us to create explicit programs to enhance people’s overall physical and mental abilities-not just to prevent diseases.” They also emphasized on how the chemical, physiological, and genetic base of human behaviour is now generally understood and hence brain-mind manipulation technologies to control or influence emotions, learning, sensory acuity, memory, and other psychological states can be in widespread use soon. More people in advanced countries can live to their mid-80s while enjoying a healthier, fuller life. All this is possible because of CDD such as hormones and neurotransmitters (chemicals that control nerve impulses) will be as safe and effective as those produced naturally within humans or other animals. CDD could be the next major battleground for the global conservation...
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