Curriculum Strengths and Weaknesses

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  • Published: January 25, 2012
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The curriculum that I have chosen is the K-12 Physical Education curriculum of a school in the United States. The strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum were assessed and are explained below. Besides this, recommendations are also provided for improving the physical education curriculum of the school. Strengths and weaknesses of the school physical education program The school-community environment was examined and the quality of the environment was considered to be moderately strong. The awareness of the mission/philosophy statement of the school is strong, but the classroom instruction does not seem to be integrated with the mission/philosophy statement of the school. The curriculum should be integrated to help the “students see and make the connections between and among subjects” (ETIM, 2005). The school environment is strong. There is general concern among the staff for the welfare of the students but more should be done to strengthen the student assistance program to help students at risk right from the elementary level. Students who have motor and fitness requirements besides emotional and other special needs are considered as at-risk students. There is strong recognition of student achievements but there is lesser recognition for the achievements of teachers and administrators. There is a need for recognizing quality teaching and this is one area where there is scope for a lot of improvement. Parent involvement is very strong and there is enough opportunities for parents to be involved in the activities of their wards. But there is scope for improvement in this area too, because getting parent input on their ward's development in a frequent and systematic manner. This is required especially in the school's curriculum, recognition and evaluation areas. There is scope for improvement in the communication and evaluation categories. The quality of communication needs to be improved especially at the elementary, middle and high school levels. The communication between classroom teachers and the physical education instructor needs to be improved. An effective communication program that highlights the activities and achievements of the physical education program is very much needed to gain much needed support for the physical education program. The goals and objectives of the school physical education program needs to be clear and as such it should improved. A clear program and instruction objectives is necessary to organize, implement and evaluate the quality of the K-12 program. If the goals and objectives of the school physical education program are clear then designing high-quality instructional material and its evaluation becomes much easier. Also, the reports of the evaluation can be sent to the students, parents and others who are keenly involved in the development of the physical education program. There is also a need to implement, monitor and refine the school physical education curriculum to make it consistent with the resources available within the community. This is needed to eliminate redundancy and to promote a K-12 program that supports sequential learning. The secondary physical education service for students with special needs is very strong in the school overall, but there is scope for improvement of this service at the elementary school level. The quality of physical education for special students has to be improved at the elementary school level. There is scope for improvement of the program evaluation, implementation and dissemination needs for the K-12 physical education program in the school. Staff should concentrate more on improving the physical education program in the school because “ a quality physical education program focuses on physical development, while integrating emotional, social and intellectual components” (Klungseth, 2009). Classroom instruction and class management are moderately strong but it should be improved to the level that it becomes absolutely strong. Currently,...
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