Curriculum Planning for History

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Curriculum Planning History

The foundation of any school is it’s curriculum, and it can be delivered in a large variety of methods for the benefit of all students. Administrators of today face the unique challenge of matching the curriculum being delivered to the national core standards, and ensuring it is being delivered in each classroom, to each unique student, in way that increases chances of those students to becoming proficient. Danielson notes that curriculum helps to focus teachers on expectations of student learning, and provides various resources that are available to allow teachers to ensure and encourage student learning (Danielson, 2002). In the state of Iowa, curriculum is currently matched to the National Core Curriculum Standards. Selection of books, resources, activities, and additional materials are left to school districts to purchase based on these standards.

In Kalamazoo, Michigan the collection of tax money to fund and support public education was born in 1872. The Supreme Court of Michigan made the decision in 1874 that the state indeed had the right to levy taxes on citizens for the funding and support of public education. This case set the standard that other states followed by asking that citizens were taxed in the support and funding of public education. One of the pioneers of curriculum was Franklin Bobbitt. In 1918 he published a book entitled Curriculum in 1918, which described a way to prepare students for their adult lives. Bobbitt believed that the curriculum within a school should be adapted to meet the individual needs of each student and that students shouldn’t be taught useless information. In this time period curriculum, and best practice strategies were being discussed, and sometimes hotly debated. Bobbitt felt students should only be learning skills and concepts necessary to be able to complete the tasks they were going to be doing. John Dewey debated the idea of bridging curriculum between the older and more...
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