Curriculum in Elementary

Topics: Education, Teacher, Special education Pages: 4 (457 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Curriculum Refinement
Thrust: Raise school effectiveness and pupil
performance in learning environment that promotes
school-based management
No. 1: Intensify school
practice of developing
numeracy and literacy skills
in Grades 1, 2 & 3 within the
context of values/
character education through
Mother Tongue-Based
Multilingual Education Curriculum Refinement
No. 2: Intensify
school practice of
developing learning
to learn skills with
focus on HOTS in
Grades 4-6 in the
context of selfindependence and
sufficiencyCurriculum Refinement
No. 3: Intensify shift to
“Talk Less, Learn
More” strategy through
context - /problem-/
inquiry-based with ICT
enhanced instructions
& other interactive &
integrative strategies
and develop the 21
century skills Curriculum Refinement
No. 4: Building models
of Inclusive Schools,
Special Science
Elem. Schools, Elem
Schools for the Arts
& ICT-enhanced
SchoolsTeacher-Support Program for
Curriculum Refinement
ƒ Building teacher-leaders through institutionbased training for master’s degree through blended learning (face-to-face & e-learning)
ƒ Development of training designs and
sessions through print and e-learning
in support to school/cluster-based training,
LAC sessions, mentoring/coaching,
distance educationExisting Programs/Projects
1. SPED in Inclusive
9Educating all children with
support system
9Assessment process
9Categories of Children with
Special Needs
9Provision of appropriate
SPED programExisting Programs/Projects
2. Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual
9Mother tongue as language of instruction
(LOI) from preparatory level, Grades 1, 2
& 3
9Filipino and English are offered as
9Filipino and English are used as LOI in
Grades 4, 5 & 6 in designated learning
areas Existing Programs/Projects
3. Special Science Elementary School...
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