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Curriculum has many meanings, but for formal education it is just content that has been chosen to be covered in a timely matter at a school. As far as what is to be expected and fulfilled to continue on. Hence it’s true meaning in Latin “race course.” It prepares the students for what is to come in the near future as far as what they will experience and/or witness. A curriculum is developed by the school districts and distributed to the instructors to teach. It helps to keep the teachers on track as far as what the students should know by the end of the school year. There are different types of curriculums in the United States; one being a core curriculum. This is mainly used in primary and secondary education where courses are chosen and made mandatory for every student in the school system. Another one is an open curriculum. This type of curriculum is mainly heard of in high education where students are allowed to choose what courses they want to take. According to the videos the pros of Standardized testing and curriculum is that students are being taught the same information, knowledge, and skills throughout the school year. Although the instructors are given a curriculum as to what is to be taught they are able to choose how and what they want to teach. The standardized testing helps to see what the students learned from the teachers and how or what they need to progress on. This allows the school and instructors to identify with the students need to help them succeed. Another pro of standardized testing is the writing exam. For what is being asked for is simple and requires only a standard five paragraph essay. According to the videos watched the cons of a standardized curriculum is that the states determine what is to be covered in the classrooms not the schools or teachers. This ultimately causes the students as well as the teachers to lose passion and interest in the coursework, because they don’t have a voice. The curriculum leads to a unified...
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