Curriculm and Philosophy

Topics: Education, Psychology, Existentialism Pages: 3 (324 words) Published: September 28, 2014

Curriculum Philosophy
Tim Colgate
Grand Canyon University: EDA561

Curriculum Philosophy
This exercise was very affirming to what I already new about myself and the direction my administrative career has taken me. The results put me as a “realist” followed closely by a “experimentalist”. I do believe that as I have been in administration I have seen more issues that face the real world of administration that has geared my philosophy to be based more on facts and data. However, I do believe that had I taken this test 10 years ago when I was teaching I believe I would have been stronger in “experimentalist” and even closer to an “existentialist”. I do see this as a move to be more centered in my philosophy, in that I understand the importance of experimental-ism and existentialism, however it all needs to be grounded in realism. Realism is founded in the belief the the administrator see the educational philosophy needs to revolve around the world as is it and that factual information needs to the emphasis for education. A hardline realist alos believes that information is strictly delivered by the teachers and that the students are just the reciepients of that information. It is this latter point that I tend to drift toward experimentalist. I do beleive that it is important

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