Current Trends in Online Marketing in Bangladesh

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A Thesis paper on


Prepared by

Rokibul Hasan
Reg No. 101-131-001
M. Sc. in MIS

Supervised by
Ahsan Habib
Assitant Professor & Head in Charge
Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Metropolitan University, Bangladesh

Trends in Online Marketing in Bangladesh

A thesis submitted by

Rokibul Hasan

The undersigned here by certify that they have read and recommend to the controller of Examination for acceptance of the thesis entitled- Trends in online marketing in Bangladesh by Rokibul Hasan, ID: 101-131-001. I t has been defended in front of the following members of the thesis committe on 7th July 2012. The members have accepted this thesis as the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Masters of Science in Management Information Systems.

_________________________________ Ahsan Habib Chairman Assitant Professor & Head in Charge

Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Metropolitan University, Bangladesh

Fuad Ahmed Member Assitant Professor
Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Metropolitan University, Bangladesh

Mohammed Jahirul Islam External Member Associate Professor
Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
External Member
Shahjala University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh


At the beginning I would like to state our heartiest appreciation to the almighty Allah for giving us an opportunity to work in a thesis paper like this.

As a student of M.Sc. in Masters in Management Information Systems(MIS) which is conducted by Metropolitan University, Sylhet. I have developed a thesis work, which was a mandatory job for the course. Doing the thesis I had to get various help from my supervisor Mr. Ahsan Habib, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE. I am extremely grateful to him for his liberality, collaboration and reliance; Without his support it might be not carry out his explore with such autonomy sovereignty.

I like to thank to all of our teachers and Manor-IT people which helped to complete the thesis. Specially thanks to Mr. C. M, Mukammel Wahid who is motivated me to complete the degree.

At last, my thanks to go to my colleague Mr. Adnan Hamid for giving me his valueable time.

Rokibul Hasan
M. Sc. in MIS- 5th Batch
Reg. No. 101-131-001
Dept. of CSE
Metropolitan University
Sylhet, Bangladesh


Internet marketing has been discovered couple of years ago with huge things and it was running successfully as well as right now. In Bangladesh, government has an aim is to improve the daily sales management level and operational level of the current status of our economical business. This project is a special and innovative made to order customer service. After long days effort, I have developed a report for all big companies who are willingly want to advertise their Business and for getting some mutual benefits.

The report will be able to provide all opportunities required by the customer, owner and different level of management as a result they can improve their daily performance. Specially I would like to say that it would be more cost effective and resolve time. From this system (Internet marketing) company could keep a stable situation or can be able to make the accurate lacking their marketing department. As it is now automated system so that it provides atomically saving performance, automatically counting customer/users...
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